Friday, March 28, 2008


I am so sick and tired of folks maligning the lithe and lovely H.R. Clinton. She was there when her helicopter had to corkscrew in to the landing zone and was forced to take immediate cover for her personal safety and then some over zealous hate monger from one of those "Big Three" networks showed a obviously doctored film of school children waiting patiently on the tarmac for her arrival. If that wasn't enough they even show them chatting pleasantly as could be possible in a under privileged European nation as they edited out the sounds of the withering sniper fire at her and and the blameless innocent children.

What is it going to take to get the American public to make a wise and informed choice in choosing their next President. After all look at how eminently qualified she is from being the wife of a cigar chomping, whore mongering, lying, cheating, perhaps even being responsible for untold and unconnected deaths of a President, who doesn't even understand and needed explanations of exactly what "Sexual Relations" means .

Which I guess leads us to her opponent on the Democratic ticket....please don't get me started there. Despite all the reasons to not vote for him ,I just don't think that anyone who would make the choice of "spiritual Guide" that he has should bring that sort of racism and sheer clap trap to the White House.

As to the Republican ticket we have a unknown "complete " ticket to consider but anyone who has the stones to face nearly 6 years in a Vietnamese concentration camp and not be a blithering idiot seems as if he has a rock solid constitution and will to see our great nation through any crises.

This Election may be the most important a race as ever was. Please think about the possibilities that each of these candidates will bring to the table. Well there it is like it or not these are our choices or at least that IS the way I see it here at Arathorns Alley

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I was saddened to hear this morning of one of the greatest sports casters and the greatest Steeler fan who ever lived. Myron brought hope to a community that had lost its way of life. We lost the steel mills and the mines and at that point in time the Pittsburgh area was as depressed as a city could possibly be.

He brought to the Steelers a vigor that was sadly missing . He was the inventor of the "TERRIBLE TOWEL" that struck fear into most of the steelers opponents for nearly ten years. He was a small man in stature that was a giant to most of the citys residents. Myron called it as it was if the Steelers were kicking butt he was as blustering as a fan could possible be and if they were out there stinking up the field he was the first to scream that with his horribely graveley voice which sounded as though it was a gargoyle that gargeled with gravel. When he was excited he would let loose with a YOI or a DOUBLE YOI and when somethingincredible happened like the emmaculate reception it would be a DOUBLE AND A TRIPPLE YOI" and you knew you should of seen what happened. There has not been a game played since his retirement that I did not fervently wish he was still broadcasting and sadly miss the enthusiasm he gave to the games. Rest in Peace Myron and may you always have a reserved seat on the fifty yard line for the rest of time.....

Monday, February 25, 2008


While enjoying my breakfast today,as is my custom, I had the tv on for background noise....(for some reason after all these many years ) I am still not used to peace and tranquility. All of a sudden from out of the blue, the volume became just a little louder,which by the way the FCC says they are not allowed to do and the television stations swear on the holiest of holy things......the government grant swear they do not do , the increased sound level grabbed my attention and I heard that there are some poor, underprivileged children in Africa who because of the lack of a kotex don't attend school one week out of the month. At first thought I took it to be a ridiculous statement but once I gave it some thought I know realize that it is probably the prime factor as to why most of that most fertile of all lands is not agriculturally productive. These young ladies being deprived of a "complete education" are lacking the skills to make their lands more productive and perhaps during last months period they failed to attend that much needed seminar on irrigation or perhaps fertilization. This has the potential to bring continent wide famine and pestilence. Kotex company in its most generous manner has decided that for every box of Kotex that the affluent Americans buy Kotex will donate so much money to supplying much needed sanitary napkins to these deprived nations. I think everyone who believes in the greening of the world and caring about folks who don't have enough to eat or fresh drinking water should thank their lucky stars for progressive companies like Kotex. I suggest that you divert your contributions for your average charity's like Doctors Without Borders or Green Peace or Hope and instead go buy a box of Kotex even if you don't need them and if in fact you don't have a use for them you can donate them to Scouting for Food when their door to door campaign comes around. May God bless America and Kotex too.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Moment In Time.........

The Battle of Iwo Jima, one of the most costly battles of the Pacific campaign of World War II, fought in February and March 1945 on the island of Iwo Jima (now Iwo To). About 6,800 United States personnel (including about 6,000 Marines) lost their lives in capturing the island from the Japanese; Japanese losses were estimated at more than 21,000. The conquest of the island provided American air units with the first base inside the Japanese inner-defense system from which to attack the heart of industrial Japan with medium bombers escorted by fighters.

Before the actual invasion on February 19, the island was subjected to air and sea bombardment for three months. In spite of the preinvasion assault, some Japanese were still firmly entrenched in underground fortifications in the soft volcanic soil. The marines secured the island after a month of the most severe fighting in their history. Mount Suribachi, the highest point on the island and an important defense position, was captured on February 23. The campaign was officially declared ended on March 16

Despite the heavy losses on both sides the entire battle could readily be summed up with the planting of the flag on the summet of Mt.Suribachi. This photo renewed Americas effort in the war and caused countless Americans to purchase war bonds to help finance the war effort. This supplied the much needed funds to finance our efforts in the Pacific Theater.It also inspired many of the youth of that time to enlist in the services and ralley to our nations aid. To this day it remains one of the most inspirational photos of all time. At least that is the way I see it here on Arrathorns Alley !!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

It Looks As If The Line Has Been Drawn

It seems as if the lines are drawn in our Presidential race and leave it to the Dimocrats to resort to dirty politics. It seems as though that it is going to be a combination of Clinton/Obama or Obama/ Clinton versus John McCain as the Republican candidate. The Dems are resorting to what I consider "Dirty Politics" already and their final picks for candidates hasn't even been resolved yet.They are attempting to drag Senator McCain's name through the mud and I think they think that them will give them a much needed level playing field. Well it won't plain and simple. John McCain graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1958. He went on to be trained as a Navy fighter pilot and subsequently flew many missions until he was shot down over Viet Nam. He was held in a Viet Cong prisoner of war concentration camp. This was no "Camp Cupcake" like Gitmo the Viet Cong really knew the ins and outs of torture and deprivation to its prisoners. Mr. McCain did not crack nor give in to them he endured this confinement for nearly five years. Five years of never knowing what was going to happen next or if he was going to be fed this day or not or beaten or even receive much needed physician care for himself or his fellow detainees.After enduring atrocities we can't even imagine, he was finally released.

He went home to Arizona and ran for Senate and was successful. He has been a good and faithful public servant ever since.He currently is the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Armed Service, The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science,Transportation, and also the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.To me these sound like extraordinary qualifications compared to the Democratic opponents. Of course I will be the first to admit that I am not a political pundit and these "opinions" are no more than my feelings on what I perceive as to what is going on.

The Dems are trying to bring Sen. McCain down to their level to make their efforts to beat him in the general elections, The way I see it this is the most reprehensible form of campaigning. These people need to focus on the issues at hand and there are many . We don't need to bad mouth a opponent we need to stand on issues and what can be done to resolve them. Perhaps Marlon Brando had the right idea by buying a small tropical island somewhere and live on fish and coconut milk and a occasional crab/lobster cook off.I am truly beginning to wonder where in the world I can live as this, the one time finest nation on the face of this earth continues to spiral downward to the depths of ancient Rome just before the fall............ At least that is the way I see it here on Arathorns Alley

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Know You've Heard This Before......

Well It is very close to the end of February and I am diminished by nearly 150 pounds after my by - pass. I have not posted for various reasons some of which is attempting to stay off the pc so that I can work towards getting more exercise. Obviously that has been a good decision but I now think that I can find time for both things,so I thought I will try to restart it. I am very pleased that during my recovery I have worked diligently to build my Doo Wop collection and still remain a tried and true memeber of al talk and enjoy getting on and playing my music for my friends.

It is almost time to elect a few people to run against one another to hold the highest office in our great Nation, that of Commander -In Chief or President depending on what you prefer. It in no way is a easy job and being the power mad meglomaniiac that I am I wouldn't have that job for any ammount of money. All that I have seen run and win the priveledge have aged terribly in the four short years. As it stands right now I am working on getting trimmer and healthier and regaining the human, or nearly human, race.

By no means should my opinion be given any consideration except as a rarely humorous blurting out of cockamamey ideas on how this great nation would be better of and as such should not be given any cresence in any way. My choice as canndidate and hopefull winner of the final election, although he has done nothing to me Is Senator McClain. This great American hero spent 6 years in a Viet Cong Prison camp and must have stones the size of grapefruits. There is not a situation that I can imagine that could possibly intimidate him in any way. He knows throughthe greatest of teachers (personal experience) the horrors of war, So he is not likely to go off half cocked unless he is irrevockably certain that it is necessary and for the betterment of our Country, or in defence of some oppressed peoples somwhere.

Well I suppose I have blown off enough steam for my first day back and I sure don't wanna get callouses on my fingers like some well practiced rock guitarist so be well my friends and I hope to speak again real soon !!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth Of July

Hello Readers..... It has been far too long since I posted anything. The reality of it is that I haven't felt motivated enough to write anything at all since my surgery. My wife has also had her shoulder surgically repaired so that has kind of dampened my enthusiasm somewhat. Hopefully these difficult times have passed. I have lost approximately 45 pounds since my surgery and as a result I am feeling considerably better and even breathing better. I suppose that is a good thing that will allow me to take better care of my wife. Now to the reason I felt motivated to post today......

Very simply put, yesterday was our nations celebration of our founding . We are without doubt one of the mightiest nations on earth. We also claim to have one of the worlds best equipped and trained army. I suppose we could show our might by parading our military up and down the street in front of the White House. Showing our strengths by displaying our Army for the world to see. Displaying our most impressive weaponry for the world to see .Beating our collective breasts to show off our prowess.......BUT........ We don't.......

We celebrate this most important day by having family picnics...Backyard BB Q's...lazing around reading a book or maybe watching a old movie or two on the television... And that is what makes our nation great ..... the simple fact that we don't feel obligated to show off, to flaunt our might to the world. We, very simply, enjoy the freedoms the fore-fathers thought were our God given rights. I hope your holiday was as wonderful as mine was and as touching as my feelings when watching the local fireworks display my heart and mind reflected on the "Bombs bursting in air,gave proof through the night that our flag was still there..."

God Bless America,my home sweet home.........